I’ve had some interesting times experiencing the lowly highlighter. Let me explain.

Remember your school days when you might have used one of those yellow highlighter pens to markup your notes with things you though we’re important to learn or remember? Perhaps you used a pencil to underline stuff for the same reason.

Skip forward a few years, quite a few years in my case, or perhaps you’re a digital native, and you’re used to highlighting electronically in an app. My most recent experience with highlighting is with the awesome youversion. Go ahead check out the app right now, I’ll wait 😜

So, for a while now I’ve been reading the Bible and doing devotions with associated bible verse readings using youveraion. When I hit a verse that was especially impactful I’ve used the tool to highlight the text like this.

Over the last few days some of the devotions had reading to support the devotion writers message with the truth of God’s Word. As I’m doing the reading some of the verses pop up with highlights that I added months or years ago. This has been surprisingly helpful and encouraging as I’ll take extra time to reflect back on why I highlighted this particular verse.

I used to think marking up the Bible was just a so-so thing to do, not anymore! Give it a try! You’ll like it. Give it some time, at least a few months, long enough to have the highlighted verses pop up. Or, alternatively you can choose to review your highlights at anytime. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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