Paper Bag Princess with the Grandsons

Today we took all four Grandsons to the PTE performance of Robert Munch’s Paper Bag Princess. The boys were dropped off by the parents at Portage Place and once they were all together they were having so much fun with each other that we almost didn’t exist, except for corralling them to go in the correct direction.

Best Buddies

Things went well for the first few minutes until we went up the first escalator and Clark fell near the top and hit his knee on the sharp edge of one of the steps. There was that long agonizing silent look on his face, and then the crying began. “I want my mommy”, which was not possible as they had left them with us. Grandad (me) tried to console for a while, but no go. Over to Nana who had to work every trick in the book and still that was barely enough to calm him and slow down the “I want my Mommy!” cries. Eventually, things settled down and we entered the theatre, but only after there was a 4 boy bathroom stop. Such excitement.

They seemed to enjoy the performance and mostly paid attention to the actors, especially when the dragon came through the audience in the row right behind us. Lots of kids in the audience making all kinds of noise etc. and our crew was quite well behaved.

Post-show we’re in the mall food court for a snack. Somehow we forgot that soft drinks are to be a rarity or avoided I go and get four A&W root beers, 2 French fries and 2 onion rings for the crew. Shortly after this Easton announces that they are not allowed root beer until they are 15 yrs old. Oops, sorry parents.

Made some memories with the guys.

“I wonder what’s going on over there…”
“I’ve got this”
“Root beer is pretty good”
“I ate eight onion rings”
Escalator Fun

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