Out of the blue, and quite unexpectedly I received an award this morning at the FOG AGM (Fast Old Guys cycling club Anual General Meeting)

Gary Sewel presenting the award
On my office wall

The award is for “Focused On Goals, in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in road cycling”.

The club recognized my cycling in 2018 as I went through cancer and chemotherapy, mainly with pretty steady Wednesday rides with the retired FOG group (FROGs). I only did a couple of the Saturday group rides in 2018 as the ride distance and pace was a little much given the circumstances and wanting to spend more time at the lake on weekends with family and friends.

It was quite an honour to receive the award and I was quite touched and moved by the clubs thoughts towards me during this period.

Also, as a result, one of the other riders connected with me to share his very recent journey with prostate cancer. We were able to share thoughts and feelings about he impact on our lives. Again, a very special privilege.

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