The present is always here

Some thoughts from this mornings mindfulness meditation.

The present is always here. The past has gone, the future is yet to be, but where am I spending the most of my thought life? Reliving the past that can’t be changed? Anticipating or planning the future which may or may not happen? Or, am I fully engaged in taking in the present of right here and now?

The analogy of clouds was used as a way of visualizing the progress towards being more and more present in life. A cloudy overcast day being representative of spending my thought life in either the past or future, anywhere but the present and my senses are cut off from what is happening right here and now. Or are there breaks in the clouds? A glimpse of what it is like to be present that is then quickly gone.

Perhaps, as mindfulness develops in me it’s more like a day with lots of big fluffy clouds and the breaks between clouds are the moments of being full present with all my senses alive to the moment. The progress in mindfulness being the ability to have the breaks between the clouds expand and have the clouds farther apart and spend more time in the present moment.

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