Day 15: Springfield to Eau Claire, Turning towards home

The big thing today is Frank Lloyd Wright and a tour of the Dana-Thomas house, and it’s beauty. As with many FLW properties they don’t allow interior photographs, so I bought a book. But, here are a couple of photos of the exterior.

After the tour we head back to Atlanta, IL. to a gift shop that has some very cool stuff and a t-shirt I should have bought yesterday. It’s on the route home and this place really warranted another look around.

We didn’t get there, yet!
Very eclectic, very weird

The toy tractor on the right brought back come childhood memories. I never had one of these but some kid on my Ama’s street (570 Oak, in Winnipeg) did. I was probably in the 8-10 yrs old range and I remember zooming up and down the sidewalk so fast! This was the first thing I’d ridden with a chain drive. Perhaps a precursor of my love of bicycles.

After our stop back in Atlanta, IL. we say goodbye to Route 66 and hit the interstates and head towards home. Tonights stop is Eau Claire and thankfully we dodge the snow storm that covered a lot of this route yesterday and while the roads are good for us we see plenty of cars and trucks in the ditch as a result of the heavy snow yesterday.

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