Day 9: Family Day – Part 2

Time for a confession. I’m writing this on August 26 so some of the details are not so clear or fresh from here on out about the road trip, but I’ll do my best.

Today is about and extended visit with my Uncle Stan and more of the cousins and their families so after a late breakfast we head over to Mississauga for the afternoon.


Cousin Wendy and husband Roman host the gathering at their home. and between Wendy & Cathy they have rounded up the troops and we are made to feel exceptionally welcome.


Uncle Stan is there and we spend some time chatting about family etc., and just hanging out.

Garry, Patti, Shirley, Wendy, Kathy, Zoe & Hazel

During the afternoon we took a lot of photos and several group shots, but somehow not everyone was included. Wendy’s son was there with his children Zoe & Hazel, Wendy’s grandaughters. However, his wife was working and unable to make it. Lots of pictures of Zoe & Hazel (being held), none of dad 🙁

Patti (standing left) was there and so was husband David, but somehow there were no David pictures!

Dean was also there and somehow avoided getting in any pictures. His wife Gillian was returning from Scotland so was not available. I think the grandkids stole the show and somehow they seem to be in almost all the photos!

The Gathering

We had a very special afternoon re-connecting with family. It was a very precious time and we were made to feel so special, honoured and loved. We basked in the memories for several days afterwards and will alway treasure the memories of this visit.

After we left Wendy’s we explored nearby Port Credit and stopped off for a “small” snack.

Nacho Grande!

From Port Carling we’re back to our Toronto “home” base at Leslie’s for dinner and a relaxing evening reflecting on the day.

Link to all the days pictures:

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