Day 8: Ripley’s Aquarium

Today’s excursion is to Ripley’s Aquarium in the heart of downtown Toronto

Carol & Mel’s house

After we pick up Carol at her house and head downtown to the base of the CN Tower in the Entertainment District and pay some crazy parking price to get some parking close to the Aquarium.

After some roaming around various streets dodging construction we get the car in a lot and head over to the aquarium.

A bunch of guys handing around downtown.
Not sure how I feel about naming rights to everything these days.

There are a lot of fish in this place, it’s HUGE! We spend several hours wandering around exploring the exhibits. At one point there is a moving sidewalk like in airports to move people through an exhibit with the sharks swimming on both sides and overhead.

Shirley & I
Carol & Leslie

Just a few fish shots …

Look! I’m a Star!
Did you see that guy behind us?
Looking for lunch.
Which one is Nemo?

Right next to the aquarium was the Railway Museum and Roundhouse Park so I had to pop over for a look and a couple of pictures of course.

A late lunch at a popular burger spot rounds out our outing for the day.

The rest of the photos of the day are below ( or on flickr).

Toronto Route 66 - Day 8

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