Day 6: Family Day – Part 1

The highlight of today and of the trip is to see my Uncle Stan, and cousins Wendy and Kathy for an afternoon visit and then dinner with Leslie, Carol & Mel

Around noon, after a leisurely morning of many cups of coffee and then breakfast, we head off to Oakville to where Uncle Stan and Kathy live.

We spend an enjoyable afternoon chatting with everyone and having lunch. My uncle shows us his art work which is amazing! He has a teacher that comes to the house and he has produced an significant body of work using many different styles and mediums, very impressive. We’re so wrapped up in the conversations that I don’t that any photos, so I’ve “borrowed” a couple from later in the week for this post.

Kathy holding Zoe and Wendy
Uncle Stan

After our visit we drive over to Port Carling since we’re in the neighbourhood and stop of for a “small” snack before heading home for the day

Super Nachos for 4-6 people!

After driving back to Leslie’s, a mere 1.5hrs on the freeway, we get together with Carol and Mel for a lovely home cooked dinner, thanks Leslie! Home cooking is especially good after a week of restaurants on the road. 🙂

Mel, Leslie, Carol and I

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