Transistor Radio

I was looking for some electrical parts in the shop the other day and re-dicovered this in the bottom of a box.


One of my 1st electronic toys
One of my 1st electronic toys

When I was about 10 years old my parents went on a trip without Gail & I. We stayed with our grandparents Amma & Grandad for several days. I think is was a Great-West Life convention in the U.S. and perhaps a side trip as well, the details are a little foggy now. Anyway there was a tradition in our family that if my Dad went on a trip, we’d get some sort of a gift on his return and this trip was no exception.

Upon their return they came over to my Grandparents house on Oak St. to pick us up. After some hugs and kisses and some chatter about the trip they presented a radio just like this one to my Grandparents. I was totally fascinated with this! We’d never seen such a small portable radio. I really wanted one, bad. Mom & Dad kind of ignored that and carried on talking about who knows what, and I was getting a little disappointed. Actually, more that disappointed.

And then the big surprise!  I got the same radio! And Gail got one too, with a white case. I was ecstatic.  That radio didn’t leave my hands for quite some time.

I remember having it in bed after I was supposed to be asleep under the covers listening to Foster Hewitt and Hockey Night in Canada because it came with an earbud, super cutting edge back in the day.

BTW, it still works!

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