Family Birthdays

It seems to be hard to get everyone together on someone’s birthday so it’s quite the occasion when the family gathers these days with all the Grandkids. With Des’s birthday passed and Scott’s coming up we managed a combined dinner celebration.

Of course for us, the best part is spending time with everyone, especially the newest additions Dane & Clark .

Nana with an arm full of Dane & Clark

Granddad with Dane

The Cake

Prepping the candles on the cake

An of course no birthday celebration would be complete with out a fancy Birthday Cake or two!



Getting some assistance with the candles.

Getting some assistance with the candles.

With all those candles (somebody was having a “big” birthday”) you need a little help in blowing them all out.

Good food, good times, and having everyone together made for a memorable evening. Super busy with two 2 3/4 year olds and two babies, such a blessing to have such a happy and health family.


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