8 Days in California

Nope, not a road trip, didn’t leave home, in fact I stayed in the basement for most of this. Trainerroad has an 8 day training challenge that coincides with the Tour of California. 8 stages in 8 days. I did the Tour of Sufferlandria back in February, so this time I knew how hard it is to do training sessions back to back with no “rest days”.


Well, this was no different. By Stage 3 I had to lower my FTP to survive and take a few unscheduled stops to boot! Things really started to fall apart on Stage 6. It’s Friday of the May long weekend and we’re going to the lake. My plan is to do Stage 6 and then pack up and drive to the lake for a relaxing evening. Well, by mistake, I do the 2013 Stage 6! Now it’s pack up, including the trainer, bike & gear (which was coming anyway because Stage 7 & 8 are on Saturday & Sunday) but instead of a relaxing evening, after unloading the car which was packed to the hilt, it’s hit the trainer again for the real 2014 Stage 6. Total crash and burn on that one as I just limp through the 1 hr 28 minute stage.

By Stage 6 I’ve had to switch the Wahoo Kickr from ERG mode, which forces you to follow the power curve, to Standard mode, where I can slack off a bit during the tough sprints and climbs. Not pretty, but I got ‘er  done.

After a full day on Saturday of getting the water on at the cottage, going up and down to the dock countless times, I didn’t have a brilliant Stage 7 either. Last stage this afternoon is looking to be tough as well. Tired from the previous 7 stages, plus the all day efforts of opening the cottage. Must be fun though or I wouldn’t be torturing myself like this.

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