A breezy fall day

I’m up early and getting ready for the FOG ride. It’s cloudy and the streets are a bit wet from some overnight rain. The forecast is not promising, with 12° and a 70% change of rain. As I’m finishing up my bacon and egg breakfast and downing a cup of coffee I decide to check the FOG blog to see if there is a ride update. The ride has been canceled and I’m a bit disappointed. I have not been out with the guys for a number of weeks now and I was really looking forward to the ride. What to do? All dressed up and nowhere to go!

As the day progresses there is no rain just a lot of cloud and wind, a lot of wind! Feeling the need for some physical activity I decide to get the gear together ad tae the cross bike out for a spin.

The weather reporting says that the gusts are to 33km/h, but it sure feels stronger. I get pushed around quite a bit by some stiff cross winds and when it’s head on I’m working hard to keep a 23 km/hr speed. Somewhere along the ride i start to think about wind chip, my hands are getting cold.

There is one Strava segment that I take a shot at and even with the wind at my back I only move up to 5th. I really thought I could get that one, maybe another day with the road bike.

On the way back along Bishop Grandin I meet up with a couple of riders, one of them looks to be on the Provincial team, a young guy with a nice bike. I pace with them for a few Km before parting ways as I turn into Southdale and head for home. After a nice warm shower I’m watching the UCI Men’s World Championship and they are racing all day, 272k m in a heavy rain. I don’t feel so bad now

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