Underground Gran Fondo Kenora – Minaki

I join ed up with about 12 other folks including Doug L. and Dave M. for this inaugural ride out to Minaki and back for just over 100km.  This was my fastest 100km ride ever, thanks to some young guys setting a blazing pace on the way out, and dropping us on the way back. Coming home it was just Doug & I and I struggled to keep up with him, but we kept a pretty good pace going.

The ride was virtually non-stop. A brief break for about 1-2 minutes at Minaki and another 2 minutes when we got stopped by a train on the way back. Had to fight off cramps in both calves on the way out and some serious leg fatigue and stomach muscle aches on the way back, but still a great ride.

On a related note, I’ve noticed a difference in distances being reported by Strava and the Wahoo Fitness iPhone app. The app is using the speed/cadence sensor data and Strava is using the GPS data. Not much I can do about the GPS data, but after checking the app configuration for the speed/cadence sensor, I had the wrong wheel size circumference. So, all this time I’m actually riding farther and faster that I though, well at least a little bit.

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