Cooler Day

First cool (20°) and cloudy day so far this vacation. Up until now it’s been hot & sunny, so a cooler day is welcome. Amazing how you can get lazy and sleep in when it’s not too bright outside. Contemplated a ride this morning, but rolled over for a few more zzzs instead. Caught the last 10km of Stage 8 of the Tour de France over a cup of coffee, followed by some updating of my podcast library, out with the old and in with the new. Always good to have some material on hand for a longer solo bike ride or in the car.

Yesterday I took care of some miscellaneous maintenance tasks. The water intake line was leaking, so a foot valve repair was in order. Perhaps more on that in a separate post later. The starter button on the  outboard had a “special” way of working, so it got replaced with a new part and now you don’t need to know the secret spot to push it in order to get the thing going. Also, a few more balusters went up on the deck railing. This one will be an ongoing summer project hopefully completed before the fall closeup. Just under 500 to attach to our upper deck. A trip into Kenora for some lumber and miscellaneous stuff, a great dinner & a movie, an evening boat cruise around Scotties and through The Hades rounded out the day.

This afternoon, if I get out of these PJs any time soon, I’ve been assigned vacuuming duties, and some general cottage tidy-up. I’m likely to work on some more balusters, or perhaps if the intermittent spitting rain seems likely to stop, it’s an afternoon ride as well. Probably all of the above


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