Ride of the Day

A nice sunny warm summer day as we’re into Day 2 of our vacation. The ride got underway at about 8am to beat the heat of the day.

The route was along some standard roads that I’ve ridden before, but with a twist, a general reverse direction from the normal ride.  Encountered an unusual number of riders out on the road, over a dozen other cyclists, most “roadies” going in the opposite direction. I exchanges a friendly wave, and most responded. In Kenora I took another shot at the Harbour Front Sprint KOM, and came up a couple of seconds short. One day soon, I’m going to nail that one.

On the way bacd as I came off Jones Road and onto Hwy 17 East, another rider went by in my direction. He was wearing and aero helmut and had aero bars. I also noticed a PowerTap hub, so a serious rider, probably a “Tri-Guy”. I caught up fairly quickly, he was younger (30-40) going fairly quick, but a little slower pace that I wanted to finish of my ride to the Storm Bay raod with, so I passed him and wished him a “Good Morning”.  I fully expected him to jump on my wheel and perhaps pass, but it didn’t happen. I was pulling 275-300 watts and opened up a fair size gap over the next kms. Maybe it was a recovery ride.

I took it fairly easy on the Storm Bay road to the cottage to cool down, and jumped in the lake for my reward for the 90km ride.


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