The Presentation – Thursday

After surviving a Timeshare presentation from Wyndham I’m not sure it was really worth the $100 show discount, good thing it was raining most of that time.  Speaking of rain, what’s up with the weather? All the locals are saying this is quite unusual etc. etc. but Thursday drizzled most of the day with some serious short downpours mixed in. I know folks back in Winnipeg are dealing with -35°C so some rain when it’s +80°F is not exactly a hardship but some sun would be nice.

During one of the sunny breaks we had lunch in Lanahai at Cheese Burger in Paradise and then walked the town taking in the sights. The humidity is through the roof with the rain and then heat so we move on to explore more of the island by car. Driving north we head to mile marker 38 to see some pools on the edge of the ocean formed by a lava flow and a blow hole. The road is narrow and twisty and the guide books don’t even mention that in comparison to the road to Hana so I wonder how crazy that drive will be.

Hiking around on the shoreline cliffs is quite something. No trails or trails everywhere, no or few signs, and certainly no restrictions. Just walk right up to the edge of a 200′ cliff, as close as you dare, at your own risk. Makes for some good photos.

After some exploring t’s back to civilization for some take-out dinner to bring back to the condo.

It’s Friday and we’re up before the birds today or perhaps they are just hiding because of the wid. High surf warnings made the news last night so we’re not sure if today’s snorkeling adventure is a “GO’ or not. We’ll drive over and find out. Could need some alternate plans for today. The weather forecasts have been for sun, but so far, day by day the sun is getting pushed out until “tomorrow”. This really needs to stop.


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