Winter Weekend

After a Saturday morning seminar, and lunch with friends, we found our way down to The Forks to check out the activities on one of the warmer weekends so far this year. The main draw for me was the Snow Jam event, and any excuse to get the camera out is a good time. We wandered around for a while and took some shots of the competitors. It looked like everyone was having fun, even on a very small hill.

In the building there was the usual shoppers, some yummy looking products, buskers and a special young artist event, the 9th annual Art Festival & Auction. One of the centre courts was filled with young artists not just showing their art, but actually creating their works for the public to watch the process. Later in the day these works an others were to be auctioned off. It was quite interesting to watch the process and see the artist and make the connection between the person, and the type and style of their art.

And of course on the way out of The Forks it was hard not to take a photo of the work on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Something fascinating about the construction process and cranes.

High Steel

Yellow Crane #2

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