Cottage Projects

New Corner Post
Originally uploaded by Big Dadoo

Yesterday’s project was power washing the lower deck in preparation for staining. Today, after the morning ride around the bypass, I finished off the new corner post on the cottage. Last year I replaced the deck corner post on the same corner and prepped the area for this post. Instead of concrete block pads, I’ve poured pads directly on the rock and anchored with several pieces of rebar drilled into the rock. That should stay put for a while.

White Windows
On a previous week at the lake, I repaired one set of the front windows and this week, the other pair is on the list.

After completing the post task Shirley and I were completing the
staining of the upper deck, but a sudden rain shower called a halt to
that. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to goof off for a while. What? Now
it’s sunny again but we’ll need to wait for the deck to dry up again, so
it’s off to the dock for a little tanning.

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