First outdoor road ride of 2009

My indoor training group suddenly changed the riding time to 9am-12noon from 9am-4pm which makes it generally impossible for me to participate since the earliest I could get there would be between 11 and 11:30 leaving virtually no time for any kind of serious riding. So I’ve decided to hit the roads a little earlier that planned.

Today it’s +8, but with a bit of a wicked south wind. As you can see there is still snow on the edges of the road, but the road around Birds Hill Park is clear and dry. The main road is free of gravel, and a good portion of the paved shoulder is clean as well. Riding the white line was good all the way around, so I put in my 2 hours and made 4 laps. Did I mention the wind? I’m expecting lap times to improve and it’s good to be outside again. In my opinion, indoor riding on a trainer is a necessary evil, and it’s certainly only tolerable if you’re doing it with a bunch of other people. Give me an outdoor ride any day, any weather, it’s better.

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