FOG #2

Today was the second ride of the year for me with the FOG cycling club. It went a lot better that the first ride. Today we did the full route of about 95km and I made it a lot farther that the first time before I thought I’d throw up and die on the side of the road. However, once we left Birds Hill park and were returning on Hwy 59 it was a real struggle. My speed drooped into the 20-25 kph range and all I could think about was making it back. Speaking of dropped, of course the rest of the group powered away, but a special thanks to Dan who hung with me, keeping me company all the way back despite several of my offers that he could just leave me.

The cycle commuting to work has defiantly helped, but there is still a ways to go before I’m back in the kind of shape I was in at the end of last season. These winter layoffs are killers. Note to self – more training in the off season.

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