Flying home

I’m at the Toronto airport enjoying a little free wi-fi courtesy of Cisco, unlike the Toronto Sheraton who is charging outrageous daily rates for internet access. They should really get with the program. Many lower end hotels all over North America have free wi-fi and yet many of the upscale hotels think they can still gouge the consumer. If it wasn’t the conference hotel, I’d have stayed elsewhere.

Speaking of the conference, this years IBM blueHorizon’s 2 day educational event was one of the best I’ve attended in some time. THere were better sessions and more choices that ever. I hears someone say that there were 21 simultaneous presentations going on over the last two days across multiple streams. It was a great learning event.

I’ve almost recovered from the sunburn gained while walking along the harbour front for all day on Sunday, and my calves have almost recovered as well. The true test will be on the next bike ride to see how well the legs hold up. The long walk had an alternate purpose as the beginning of training for a couple of days of mountain hiking in Banff this summer. The main hike will start at an elevation of 5,000 feet and climb to a mountain summit at 11,000 feet. Hey, don’t you need oxygen at over 10,000? While I will have had a solid 2+ months of cycling by that time I think I’ll throw in some extending walking to get the rest of the muscle groups ready to go. I hear they leave the injured and stragglers behind, and it is grizzly country.

I’m looking forward to being home, see you soon.

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