Spring arrives

The temperatures are on the rise and the snow is melting fast and I saw a sure sign that Spring has arrived on Friday. No, it wasn’t a robin, it was a guy on a motorcycle, and at 6C it still makes for a very “cool” ride. I can remember riding my motorcycle late in the fall to put it away at my parents for the winter in those temperatures. Definitely cool if you’re not dressed properly for it.

Saturday was a busy day with an afternoon wedding that was very nice, and then we went to see the Cannes Lions winners in the film category at the Art Gallery. The Film Lions are awarded to the best commercials of the year. A lot of the commercials were uproariously funny, some quite poignant and a few quite tasteless, but overall it’s a great show. This is one of the Gold winners.

Lots of laugh out loud stuff and quite a few “how did they do that?” moments. Perhaps a few “Why did they do that?” moments as well. Like what’s with the frog jumping out of the drain pipe on the Sony commercial?

This afternoon there was another spring time first. The boys were over for lunch and we all went for a bike ride afterwards. No motors, just leg power. It was a bit wet and generally we took it at a pretty easy pace. Well, except for when Scott went flying by me a couple of times, and then the chase was on! We went 26.4km at an average speed of 19.5km/hr, a decent pace for the first time out considering we stopped a couple of times and slowed down to look at some houses on South Drive. We discovered that my rear tire throws the most water, and I got the wettest, which was surprising since I had a fender and Eric didn’t. Later we figured out that perhaps I had it set too low. I’ll check it out on the next wet ride. I was a good time riding with Scott and Eric.

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