Outdoors on a cool Saturday

We had a relaxed Saturday morning getting up a little later that usual and having a few coffees while doing a little reading before being picked up by our good friends, Chris & Elaine. We headed over to Cora’s at 340 Provencher Blvd. Great restaurant and great food. We all sampled something a little different and were impressed by the quility, decore and lots of fresh fruit. OK guys, there were a few things on the menu with lots of meat, fried potatoes and alike, but generally a little more healthy that your average Perkins mega-meal.

After brunch we headed over to the Fort Whyte nature center for some outdoor activities. Shaun, our financial advisory over at Assante invited us out to a customer event and we had a great time in spite of the cold temperatures and a wind chill of about -30C. I went down the Richardson rrrrun toboggan slide, where “screaming is compulsory!”. Then we all went on the sleigh ride (my photos) which was pulled by a beautiful pair of Clydesdale horses. On the sleigh ride the kids had a great time jumping on and off the sleigh, and we saw quite a few deer along the route. Afterwards we explored the sod house, and then headed over to one of the main buildings for some hot chocolate and cookies. It was a great afternoon, thanks to Shaun and his assistants.

Since we were out and about the ladies wanted to explore some shops at one of the big box complexes. Chris and I explored another kind of shopping over at the auto mall, checking out the latest Acura, Honda & Toyotas. That new Ridgeline is looking good, but then so is the Pilot. Chris was really checking out the Rav4 quite closely. Well window shopping is still free, thank goodness.

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