Geocaching and Travel bugs

I was just checking up on the four Travel Bugs that I’ve released into the wild since I started Geocaching. Regrettably, three of the four have been lost, or in Geocaching terms the cache has been muggled. Kiwi Kritter is the only survivor, but what a world traveler he’s become. After leaving Winnipeg, he criss crossed the US and Canada. Kiwi’s crossed the Atlantic three times. After touring Germany, he’s now spending time in England. Still a long way from his New Zealand destination, but definitely getting around in the world. If you’re a Google Earth user, you can fly by Kiwi’s travels.

(TBHD1G) Travel Bug Dog Tag – Kiwi Kritter

Travel Bug Dog TagOwner: Big Dadoo
Released: Sunday, November 28, 2004
Origin: Manitoba, Canada
Use TBHD1G to reference this item.

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