Missing the bike

This summer I rode by bicycle to work 2-3 times a week when I went into the office downtown. With the colder and snowier weather and being a bit lazy for some reason I’ve reverted to taking the van and driving to work.

However, the last could of days I’ve found the traffic just totally frustrating. There were no snow storms, no accidents, no road repairs on my route, just lots of slow moving traffic. On the bike I was so used to just passing by all the “parked cars” going to and from work. Now, just sitting in the van and creeping along to get in and out of the downtown core is just too slow. Perhaps I’m just getting more impatient and need to learn to relax more.

I think not! I just need to get over the cold issue get out there. I know how to ride in the cold and have been out in -30C, you just need to dress for it. In fact, I’ve raced in many of the IceBike races here in Winnipeg. Just the other day I met up with Rob Nagy, the Veteran Icebike Organizer, and for sure I’m planning on entering IceBike #9 on February 4th, 2007. I missed #8 due to some business travel issues but manged to get down to the race course and take some pictures. I’m really looking forward to the blow-out events planned for the 10th anniversary. Yes, bring back the t-shirts!

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