USANA Convention: Day 1

Olympic Snowflake Fountain
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We start our day off at an area called The Gateway, where there is a Starbucks and enjoy the Olympic Snowflake Fountain. There are no events planned until 1pm so we have the morning off to relax and recover from yesterdays events. The girls go shopping and I take the van in for servicing.

After a shuttle ride back to the Salt Palace, I pick up my conference registration in 60 seconds flat. They have a very efficient system, and highly organized. I then wander around the USANA store and check out the new stuff. Afterwards, it’s off to the Thaifoon restaurant’s for lunch. In the afternoon I take in three sessions, two on technology and one on True Wealth.

After all the sessions are done I head back to the hotel and down to the pool to soak up some rays in the 28C sunshine and just relax. Then it’s off to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, and over to the kickoff concert event at the Salt Palace. Collin Raye is the performer and while he’s a well know country artist, I don’t recognize any of the songs. Must be good stuff as lots of people are getting into it. But before this they gave away two cars. Not just any cars, but a Porsche and a Cadillac. I might have picked the 350Z or the Audi but hey, they didn’t ask me.

The day ended with a night cap at, your guessed it, Starbucks.

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