Bird House Geocaching discovery

Bird House
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My dad always told me that I couldn’t get married on a summer weekend because it would mess up going to the lake, so we got married in December. December is a great time of year and people generally don’t have better things to do. But that message didn’t get out to the extended family on Shirley’s side so we spend a good part of a lovely +25C sunny Saturday in a basement hall attending a wedding. A very nice wedding, and the bride and groom were lovely and it was all very nice. (I’ll finish this later, company has

So, I hope nobody missed us too much, but we bailed before the speeches began and we heard later that there was dancing and games and the party went on for most of the afternoon. With the great weather and the desire to be outside Shirley and I went off Geocaching. We’ve had lots of fun with this high-tech hide and seek game and as BigDadoo and Hot Mamma we’ve found several caches over the past couple of years. This afternoon we focused on some caches along the Red River. We found two in St. Vital Park, Frogtastically Green, You’re Invited and TikiHut. In fact, the picture is the “Tiki Hut”. This is where the cache is hidden, in the base of the birdhouse behind that latch and swing updoor. Some people are so clever and this is definitively one of the more creative caches we’ve found to date.

While we were in the area we also saw the power of the river and river bank erosion at work on this tree where the trunk has been split in two from the bottom up.